How To Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on iPhone And Mac?

Listening to music as you drift off to sleep can be a soothing end to your day. However, leaving your music playing all night might not be the most energy-efficient or device-friendly habit. Fortunately, setting a sleep timer in Apple Music on both iPhone and Mac can help manage this beautifully. This article provides a comprehensive guide on setting up a sleep timer for Apple Music, ensuring your music stops when you do.

Comprehensive Guide to Setting a Sleep Timer on iPhone

A Deep Dive into the Clock App Method

Apple’s built-in Clock app provides a seamless way to implement a sleep timer for Apple Music without needing any third-party applications. Here’s how to use this feature effectively:

  1. Access the Clock App: Find and open the Clock app from your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Navigate to Timer: Tap on the Timer tab, which you’ll find at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Set Duration: Decide how long you want your music to play and set the timer duration accordingly.
  4. Customize Timer Actions: Tap on “When Timer Ends,” scroll through the options, and select “Stop Playing.” This setting ensures that when the timer runs out, it will not only alert you but also stop any media playback.
  5. Activate the Timer: Hit the “Set” button in the upper right corner, then start the timer by pressing the green “Start” button.
  6. Enjoy Your Music: Open Apple Music and start playing your chosen playlist or album. The music will automatically stop playing when the timer ends.

To cancel or adjust the timer, simply return to the Clock app, select the Timer tab, and make the necessary changes.

Leveraging Shortcuts for Automated Sleep Timers

For those who prefer a more automated approach, the Shortcuts app on iOS offers a sophisticated way to manage when your music should pause:

  1. Open Shortcuts App: Locate and tap on the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  2. Create New Automation: Go to the “Automation” tab and tap the “+” icon to add a new automation.
  3. Set Time Conditions: Choose “Create Personal Automation,” then pick “Time of Day” to specify when your music should stop daily.
  4. Add Action: Tap “Add Action,” search for and select “Play/Pause,” ensuring you set the action to “Pause.”
  5. Finalize Automation: Tap “Next,” review your automation, and tap “Done” to activate it.

This method is particularly useful if you have a consistent bedtime and want your music to stop at the same time each night without manual input.

Setting a Sleep Timer on Mac: Alternative Approaches

While macOS does not natively support sleep timers for media playback like iOS, there are workarounds that can achieve similar results:

Utilizing the Terminal for Sleep Scheduling

The Terminal app allows you to schedule system commands, including shutdown commands, which can indirectly act as a sleep timer for your music:

  1. Open Terminal: Find Terminal through Spotlight or your Applications folder and open it.
  2. Enter Shutdown Command: Type sudo shutdown -h +[time] and replace [time] with the number of minutes you want your music to play. For example, +60 for an hour.
  3. Confirm Command: Press Return, enter your administrator password, and your Mac will schedule a shutdown.

This method effectively stops all processes, including music playback, by turning off your Mac.

Using Third-Party Applications

Several third-party applications can fill the gap left by macOS in terms of sleep timers. These apps, available through the Mac App Store or developers’ websites, offer various features from simple timers to more complex scheduling tools for media playback.

The Benefits of Setting a Sleep Timer

Promoting Good Sleep Hygiene

By setting a sleep timer, you ensure that your environment becomes quiet after you’ve fallen asleep, which can help maintain a deep and restful sleep cycle.

Energy Efficiency and Device Longevity

Using a sleep timer can also help conserve battery life and reduce wear on your device’s components, making it a smart choice for both energy use and device maintenance.


Whether you’re using an iPhone or a Mac, setting a sleep timer for Apple Music is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite tunes as you drift off without worrying about pausing it later. This guide should provide you with all the tools you need to set up and manage sleep timers effectively, enhancing both your listening experience and your nightly routine.


Can I set different durations for different nights on my iPhone?
Yes, the Clock app allows you to set any duration each time you start the timer, giving you flexibility based on your nightly routine.

Are there any recommended third-party apps for Mac that provide a sleep timer for Apple Music?
Yes, apps like “Music Timer” and “Amphetamine” allow you to set

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